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About Me

Sequor quod iustum est

4 March 1986

Motto: Sequor ego quod iustum est (I follow what is right)

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My official university graduation photo, 24th July 2014.
I was born in Taunton (grew up in Bridgwater), Somerset moved to the Highlands of Scotland in late 1998. I now live in Isleworth, Greater London. I previously did four years of college and I have now graduated from a BA (Hons) Games Development course at the University of West London. I am very patriotic (not so much "modern Britain" lol) and interested in history. I am writing a horror novel of which I have completed over 23 000 words. I enjoy video editing, writing and amateur photography. In 2004 I helped to co-found a social enterprise (Charity) called Caberfeidh Horizons (Link), that is still going today. I was also on its board of directors. I can trace my family tree back over a thousand years. I am a descendant of European royalty (and some others further afield) including King Alfred The Great (35th great grandfather), William the Conqueror (31st great grandfather), Charlemagne (40th great grandfather), King Henry I, Queen Maria of Jerusalem, Sabd Queen of Isle of Wight, King Hugh Capet of France, Queen Gyrithe of Denmark and others, I'm related to Buffalo Bill Cody (connection unknown) and I am half American and part Cherokee.

Appearance: 5.8, green eyes, dark blonde hair and a Pisces tattoo on upper right arm.

Causes I care about the most: Women's Rights (I consider myself to be a feminist), Cancer Research, Animal Rights and Mental Health (mainly depression).

Organisations I support: Cancer Research UK (
Link), RSPCA (Link), Women’s Aid (Link), Mind (Link) & End Violence Against Women Coalition (Link).

Political Leaning: Right

Interests: History, Horror movies, Video Editing and Photography.

Favourite Movies: Sunset Boulevard (1950), Vertigo (1958) and Buffalo Bill (1944)
Favourite TV Series': The White Queen (2013) and Pride and Prejudice (TV Mini-Series 1995)
Favourite Christmas Movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Favourite Genre: Horror
Favourite Songs: Heartbeat Theme Song (Nick Berry) and Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)
Favourite Classical Music: Zadok The Priest
Favourite Cuisine: Italian
Favourite Teas: Twinings Camomile & Honey and Twinings English Breakfast.
Favourite Cologne/scent: BRUT by Fabergé

Favourite Actors: John Candy and Paul McGann
Favourite Actresses: Michelle Ryan and Grace Kelly
Favourite Femme Fatale Actress: Ava Gardner
Favourite Authors: Philippa Gregory and Jane Austen
Favourite Filmmaker: Alfred Hitchcock
Favourite Composer: Mozart
Favourite Poets: Wilfred Owen and Rudyard Kipling

People Who've Influenced Me: William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody and HM Queen Elizabeth II
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