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On Britain, The EU And Brexit

In this blog post I give you my thoughts on Britain's role in the European Union (EU) and Brexit. [UPDATED 21/06/2016]
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2016 is the year that will finally decide Britain’s fate as a nation. This referendum has been very one-sided with the government itself publicly supporting the Remain side, even going as far as to spend millions of tax payers money printing out and posting pro-EU propaganda. So, this blog post will be a chance for my readers and friends to hear the other side for once.
Britain’s membership into the EU started in 1973 with a referendum. Yes, that’s right the British people have (and haven’t) already had a vote.

The people voted to join the European Economic Community (AKA EEC, AKA the Common Market). An organisation first created by the Treaty of Rome in 1957. A full description of the EEC is beyond the scope of this blog post, but to put it simply it was meant to make trade between European nations easier and more effective. But the people were tricked. Joining a common market is hardly the same as voting to surrender most of your countries laws to a foreign power. It is estimated that 50-75% of our laws are now made by the EU.

Once many countries had joined, it started to evolve from a trading community into a continent-wide parliament and political powerhouse, rebranding itself in 1993 as what it had always wanted to be, the European Union. As nations such as Britain had voted to join the EEC no referendum was held on whether or not Britain should be ruled by the EU. This is nothing short of a scam or at the very least a dirty trick.

The Anti-British Pro-EU traitors they call Europhiles would have us believe that Britain is too small to be able to sustain itself should it break away from the EU. No matter how hard you try to look at this from their point of view it is completely impossible to. We were an independent self-governing island nation for over a thousand years and we not only were able to think for ourselves, we managed to make trades with not just other European countries but other parts of the known world.

We also eventually built our own empire that equaled in size to that of ancient Rome and I refuse to believe that all of a sudden in 1973 we became completely unable to either govern ourselves or trade without the instruction and handholding of the EEC/EU. In fact, we should be in a better position to manage by ourselves as we now have a big population, which means more workers and more people paying taxes. It has been estimated that every household in the UK would be nearly a thousand pounds (£933) richer per year upon an EU exit.

The only way I see that an exit from the EU could cause harm to our trading is if the EU made all of its member states agree to not trade with Britain. Firstly that would be unfair bully tactics and secondly, there are plenty of other countries in the world that we could still trade with, such as the USA and our Commonwealth nations, which we have unfairly neglected since joining the EU.

However there are a few reasons why the EU would not block us out of trading with them should we exit. One the EU sells much more to us than we do to them, so it would hurt them more than it would us. Two both the UK and EU must follow basic rules of trading set out by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO rules alone would protect the three million jobs that the Europhiles claim would be lost in Britain through an exit. Therefore, the idea that we are too small to fend for ourselves is totally preposterous.

While we are on the topic of resources and trading, our trading ability has been weakened in recent years. But only thanks to the EU who through their rules and regulations has nearly completely killed off Britain’s farming and fishing industries, which previously had been strong. For example, they allow fishermen from other countries to come and fish in British waters and only let British fishermen have the leftovers. It is estimated that only 14% of fish caught in British waters are by British fishermen and the British fishing industry has declined by 62% since joining the EU, and it is estimated that at least a million British jobs have been lost because of the EU.

The EU is a large capitalist machine that doesn't care about small businesses. The Remain campaign has been largely funded by big companies such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

They try to say that we couldn’t survive outside of the EU in a world full of trading blocs. Yet, Japan which is one of the fastest growing economies doesn’t operate inside a trading bloc. Also, both Norway and Switzerland are not EU states and they trade heavily with the EU.
Norway has actually made a historic free trade agreement with China. Something the UK cannot do as long as it remains in the EU.

The Europhiles make it sound like, if we were to vote to leave the EU it would be sudden and catastrophic, with the Prime Minister calling an EU exit a "leap in the dark". Some Europhiles almost make it seem like if we left the EU the country would be thrown into complete anarchy. Conjuring up images of people running through the streets screaming, as the cityscape fills with puffs of smoke while London burns to the ground. They practically make it sound like a scene from a zombie movie.

This is nothing sort of scaremongering. Under EU rules, we would have a two-year grace period where we would essentially remain a member, to give us a chance to adjust and make an agreement with the EU on how we are to leave. This would also give us a chance to make some more trade deals with other parts of the world as well. We may not even need the full two years.

It costs us 10 billion pounds per year (and rising) in EU membership fees, about the same as we spend on GP services across the country in a year. We don't see anything like that back. In fact, it is believed that we see less than fifty pence back for every pound we send to the EU. Just think of what good that money could do for Britain.

Gradually over the years more and more laws and powers have been taken out of our parliament's hands and given to the EU. Britain only has about 8% voting power in the EU, our MEPs are a minority in the European parliament and at last count about 67% (could be as high as 75%) of Britain’s laws are made or influenced by the EU and this is only going to go up.

The biggest blow came in 2007 with the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Her Majesty The Queen secretly signing the Lisbon Treaty. It was only announced that the treaty had been signed 24 hours later. The Lisbon Treaty was basically EU states such as the UK switching over to the EU constitution. The reason the word ‘constitution’ was omitted was to ensure there was no referendum held, as a constitution would require a referendum.

With the treaty, Britain forfeited its veto rights in 40 policy areas, with more of these veto rights going all the time. With this treaty, most of Britain’s immigration control was signed over to the EU. This open door border policy has meant that in 2015 alone 180 thousand EU citizens came to live in Britain and as of September 2015, there are 2 million EU citizens working in Britain. This is not a problem. Despite what the Remain supporters would have you think Leave supporters are not all racist and xenophobic people who hate everyone. It has been made to appear as if people only support Leave because of immigration. This is NOT true! Many people including myself support simply because we believe in independence and democracy. I even have friends from other European countries, including a college classmate who is from Portugal and is not against Brexit and in fact, whats Portugal to have its own referendum. But outside of the EU we will have better control over who comes in. Which will mean better monitoring of known convicted criminals.

The EU doesn’t just decide which people from EU nations can and can’t come to Britain but also people from other countries as well. Before this EU interference if someone went to say the USA or Australia etc and legally married a person from that country they could both come back to live in Britain. However, the EU has changed this in a ridiculous way. Now the person you marry has to prove that they make at least £18,600 a year or they can’t come into Britain or other EU countries. Even if they are married to and have children with a British or European national.

There was a case recently that drew attention to this EU law where a British army vet (he fought in Afghanistan) went to the US and legally married and had a child with an American woman. He tried to come home to Britain with his wife but she and their daughter were stopped and sent back because she didn’t make enough money. It was not even like she was unemployed. She had had a job, she had worked all of her life and would have continued to work in Britain. She just wasn’t rich enough for the EU. Which I find very ironic when considering the EU has let hundreds of thousands of middle eastern asylum seekers and refugees into Britain, many of which are put on welfare and given free housing.
So, as you can see a Brexit may actually give people from other parts of the world outside of the EU such as the U.S. or even Jamaica a fairer chance at coming to the UK.
I will say no more on immigration as this is just one small issue in the grander scheme of things and I feel both the IN and OUT campaigners have put far too much emphasise on immigration, which is what the government or at least David Cameron wants. He has successfully distracted people from all the other issues with the EU by making it all about immigration and racism. He has made people think that
the whole topic of the EU is ONLY about racism and if you are not a racist you vote to remain. Don't fall for it!

The then Tory Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague MP remarked:

Gordon Brown has no democratic or moral authority to sign Britain up to what is a renamed EU constitution. This move is a total breach of trust with the British people and a flagrant breach of his solemn election promise. It is a sign of how arrogant and out of touch this Government has become that it is totally uninterested in what the British people want on Europe.

I am a HARDCORE monarchist, however, the signing of the Lisbon Treaty by HM not only disappointed but DISGUSTED me. They say she was forced constitutionally to sign it as the Prime Minister had done so. Well, there is a point I would like to make here. Morally she should have been unable to do this. She like myself come from over a thousand years of British kings, queens and aristocrats, including but not limited to my 35th great grandfather Alfred the Great, the man who made England. She had a moral and ancestral obligation to defend her nation’s sovereignty and the freedom of her people at ALL costs, even if she is a modern constitutional monarch. I would rather have gone to the chopping block and been beheaded than to have done what she did. I could NEVER have done it.

The EU keeps trying to abolish the British military and integrate our troops into an EU army. Not only would we lose our military we would also lose even more of our national identity, including losing our ‘red-coated’ soldiers outside of our palaces that draw a lot of tourists. In fact, the EU will have a debate on the EU army just after the referendum.

The European Union is very undemocratic with most of its bureaucrats being unelected, including the president himself. Many have been caught driving up to their place of "work" in a limo, jumping out, clocking in and then leaving straight away, claiming £175 in daily expenses.

The EU has delighted over the years in trying to throw its weight around and bully the UK. It wants to get rid of the Union Flag on our meat products. It wants us to stop using our Union Flag and St George’s Flag and replace them completely with their EU flag, this would be devastating to our national identity (even states in the US have their own flags). The Union Jack has already been replaced on car license plates with the EU flag. The EU has its own national anthem, so how long will it be before that replaces ours as well?

There are countless examples of silly EU rules taking up our time and resources such as that the vegetable swede is only allowed to be branded as such in one town in the UK. Diabetics are banned from driving (not currently enforced). Eggs can no longer be sold by the dozen. They tried to stop us making halloumi cheese in the UK and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
The think tank Open Europe has estimated the total cost to Britain of the EU's most burdensome directives to be £27.4 billion a year and this is on top of our membership fees.

For 27 years the EU allowed British chocolate to be banned in many European countries, with European MPs only ruling that it had to be allowed to be sold in 2000.

…the English are outside the European culture.

- George Orwell

In regard to a possible exit for Britain from the EU, you will regularly see the term Brexit used. This is simply a combination of the words Britain and Exit.

The latest farce is that the Prime Minister David Cameron went to Brussels to BEG for a better deal for Britain within the EU. The things he was asking for were few and yet they wouldn't even give him that, and he came back to the UK very red faced. He said he was going to "Battle for Britain". He has been accused by his opponents of outright lying and maybe he was. I am not a fan of Cameron's, by any means, but he might have fought tooth and nail for a good deal (or even any deal). But they just would not budge an inch.
I believe this is because England at one time or another has ruled parts of Europe (such as France) and indeed much of the world and they are jealous and many of their politicians hate us. Now that the boot is on the other foot they are stomping all over us.

The one and only real advantage to an EU membership are that if we go on a holiday or business trip we can go to say France and then drive through most of Europe without stopping at border controls to show our passports. But is that worth losing our culture, freedom and national identity for? Is it worth it for that to go from being Great Britain to just another star on someone else’s flag? NEVER!

The referendum on 23 June 2016 is Britain’s LAST chance. It has taken over 40 years to get this referendum and if we don’t take the chance now we will probably never get another one. So, I beg you to do the right thing. It’s time to shake off the shackles of Europe. Support Brexit. We all have ancestors or relatives that at some point fought and maybe died for Britain’s independence, either hundreds of years ago, or in the First and Second World Wars. We fought off the Vikings, the Spanish armada, Napoleon and Hitler. So, why should we now voluntarily give away what our ancestors fought so hard for over a thousand years to defend?

Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson's closing remarks at the BBC EU Debate (21/06/2016):

This is my personal blog so I’m going tell you exactly what I think. I’m going to be blunt. I normally believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and to vote however they so choose. But this is a special case. If you are going to support a foreign power and dictatorship over your own country’s independence then you are a traitor. The moment you make that vote to stay in the EU you are committing an act of treason and betraying your ancestors.

Treason definition

Remember hating the political powerhouse that is the EU is not the same thing as hating Europe or Europeans. Love Europe, hate the EU!
Please don’t murder Britannia. Don’t commit a cultural genocide. Because that is precisely what voting to stay in the EU will mean for Britain, a cultural genocide. Don’t just back Britain, believe in her. Let patriotism and love beat fear and scaremongering!

Let common sense prevail, lets make June 23rd Britain's Independence Day. Vote Leave!

It is with a spirit of pride and a warm heart that I now write that the Leave vote won (51.9% to 48.1%). I feel so happy, proud and patriotic. I nearly didn't bother voting as I believed the Remain vote would win hands down. But common sense prevailed. Love and patriotism beat fear and scaremongering. Fortunately project hope won against project fear. However it is not over. Some of the Remain camp are bullying and trying to shame Vote Leave supporters online. I will not feel "ashamed", I voted Leave and I'm very proud of the fact.
A gang of people surrounded Boris Johnson who could barely get out of his home, shouting SCUM! and SHAME ON YOU! Two words come to mind, sore losers.
The Remain camp have launched a petition demanding a second referendum, because the results were so close. At the time of writing this it has nearly 150,000 signatures. However, if it had been the other way around, we on the Leave side wouldn't stand a chance of getting a second referendum and they would be calling us sore losers. I do now worry that the government will just keep holding referendums until they get the Remain vote that they want.
But only time will tell!

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