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On English Culture and Heritage

My thoughts on English culture and heritage.
St George's Flag
I grew up loving English history. I thrived on it. I loved history lessons in high school. I watched costume dramas and documentaries from an age when most people would have been watching American Pie and playing football.

and you know what? I grew to love this island nation and her millennia-old culture. From Boadicea and Cartimandua to George VI and Winston Churchill. From Lands End to Hadrian's Wall. Our history is perhaps the richest in the world and our ancestors some of those to be proudest of.

So what do most of us in 21st century modern Britain do? Do we remember these great ancestors that flow in our veins? Do we celebrate our rich heritage once a year like the American rightly does? Does our own elected government encourage patriotism and a continuation of our culture?

NO WE DO NOT! and NO THEY DO NOT! What we do, is we stand by as our government and the mainstream media dismantles English culture peace by peace. When the media and our government imply that being patriotic, caring about our heritage or flying the national flag makes you a "casual racist" and a "simpleton" do we stand our ground and fight for our rights, and our ancestors?

No, we get scared of being thought of as a racist and we try and pretend that there was no England or Britain before 1997.
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