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On How To Backup Your Ancestry Family Tree To Your Computer

A short guide on how to backup your family tree to your computer from the Ancestry website.
I have noticed a lot of people making comments on the internet about it not being a good idea to have your tree on an ancestry website, as there is a big risk of losing a lot of information if something goes wrong. This makes me think that a lot of people are may be unaware that you can backup your tree to your computer as a GEDCOM file.
So I am posting the steps involved in doing so below, same steps should work on all international versions of the site (not just UK).

1. Under 'Family Trees' dropdown select the tree you wish to backup
2. Next to the tree's name select 'Tree pages' and from this dropdown menu select 'Tree Settings'.
3. From the Tree Settings page you should now be on you can click on 'Export tree'
4. Wait a few seconds for it to generate the file, then click on 'Download your GEDCOM file', to download it to your computer.
Ancestry Export screenshot

Hope this helps.

Note: Most family tree websites that let you import a GEDCOM file also let you export one, such as MyHeritage.

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