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On A Woman’s Right To Choose

This post is going to be very short, as it is just to express my views on the issue of a woman’s right to choose (i.e., right to have an abortion) and my reasoning behind such views.
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The topic of women’s rights is something I've been interested in and supported for a long time. Let us not start with the matter of pregnancy at all, let us first look at the subject of rape. Most of us in the western world would never suggest a woman (or a man for that matter) should have no choice over who he/she has sex with or who touches/gropes him/her and this is I believe the number one rule of women’s rights, she has complete dominion over her body. Surely this also applies to what she wants to grow inside that body. It is hers and hers alone and no man, who must carry that child inside her and then go through an agonising birth. So, I believe that no man, be he father, boyfriend, husband or even politician has any right to interfere with her body or her wishes in regard to it. Interestingly 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men, none of which will ever experience pregnancy.

We must also take into consideration the ramifications of an unwanted pregnancy. If she really does not want that baby and maybe with good reason, perhaps it’s a product of rape (and that was never her choice) she may be incapable of properly looking after the child, or even suffer severe depression and end up killing the baby and or herself.

Then we have the issue of health, what if a woman has a medical condition where carrying a child or giving birth could kill her? Also on the topic of health we have the problem that if abortions are illegal there will always be plenty of shady doctors ready to “lend a helping hand”. These such doctors are often very much below par and in countries where abortions are or were illegal they have resulted in the painful deaths of many women and if they don’t go to such a shady butcher as mentioned above, she may attempt a makeshift abortion herself at home (sometimes involving a coat hanger). This is something that is very dangerous, painful and unimaginable.

So, to sum up I not only believe it should always be a women’s choice, but there are many good reasons for why making abortions illegal, can, in fact, be a very dangerous thing.

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