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Photos of Me

Sequor quod iustum est

This is an album of some photographs taken of me, currently from the age of 16 to present.
Photo of me from 2014
My official university graduation photo
At my university graduation at Wembley Stadium with lion statue 2014
After having just collected my gown for my university graduation 2014
My grandfather's wedding photo in 1994.
Photo of me aged 16
Me aged 16 at the Kingussie High Senior Dance 2002
Me in 2009 and my tattoo
My Pisces tattoo
My signet ring engraved with my initials ‘WCW’ (worn on my left pinkie), 2011
Me in the garden 2011
Me in the garden with my sunglasses and Friday the 13th shirt 2013
Listening to ghost EVPs 2013