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A Diamond Jubilee For A Diamond Queen (poem 26) | Poetry | William Cody Winter .Com

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Sequor quod iustum est

A Diamond Jubilee For A Diamond Queen (poem 26)

The very word Diamond means Unbreakable as is her loyalty. She never wavers nor cracks. She cares more by the day as others care less.
As others sell Britain to the highest bidder, she shows that we were once more than just a bit of soil. Once her people would have turned the soil red with their own blood to protect their nation, and she still would. Once her people loved their land, but now they have no notion of what a nation it formerly was.
She works like a slave, for little gratitude from the masses and even less from the government. She continues her duties at 86 that nobody even at 66 should. Just on an average day she attends meetings, investitures and opens countless red government boxes to sign, yet often by the public she is called lazy.
Now 2012 is a chance for us not just to take a day off work, but to stand by her as she has with us. Now 2012 is not the year of the London Olympics but the year of our Queen. Now more than ever is the time to cheer, wave and shout ‘Long Live The Queen’!
Copyright © 2012, William Cody Winter.