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A Sunset Over History (poem 21) | Poetry | William Cody Winter .Com

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Sequor quod iustum est

A Sunset Over History (poem 21)

A history like none other.
A history of pride and glory.
A history of Kings, Queens and Knights in shining armour.

A history of being conquered and conquering.
A history of crusades and crusaders.
A history of fighting for rights and freedoms.

Now this history of pride is scowled upon.
Now the history books on school shelves sit gathering dust.
Now the unappreciated freedoms of yesterday are killed by the day.

A history of a sun never setting on an empire.
A history of an island nation that conquered the world.
A history of nobility and great intellect.

Now the sun has set over the empire.
Now the sun has set over talks of its history.
Now the sun has set over it’s neglected people.

Now the sun can never rise again!

Copyright © 2011, William Cody Winter.