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Sequor quod iustum est

From Worms and Maggots to Heaven and Hell (poem 12)

I didn’t believe in Heaven and Hell.
I didn’t believe in Ghosts and Angels.

I only believed in death’s fatal cold embrace.
I only believed in worms and maggots.

I didn’t believe in Heaven and Hell.
I didn’t believe in Ghosts and Angels.

I only believed in death’s fatal cold embrace.
I only believed in worms and maggots.

But over the years I’ve seen deaths image.
But over the years I’ve heard deaths voice.

My eyes and ears didn’t fail me.
The cameras didn’t lie to me.

Now I believe in some kind of Heaven and Hell.
Now I believe in Ghosts.

Now I don’t fear the cold box.
Now I don’t fear the Worms and Maggots.

I welcome deaths warm embrace!

Copyright © 2011, William Cody Winter.

It can’t be love, can it? (poem 11)

It can’t be love, can it?

It was any other day, just keeping myself to myself.
There from afar she caught my eye in that packed room.
What? Wait? Why?

There must have been a dozen or two women there.
There had to be a reason for the captivation I felt.
What? Wait? Why?

I didn’t even know her, I had never seen her before in my life.
What purpose could there be for this needless enchanting?
What? Wait? Why?

From that moment on there she was.
Around every corner, through every doorway.
That made it oh so much worse.
What? Wait? Why?

I was the perfect gentleman that my heart told me to be.
I held open doors as she passed through.
I always let her pass through them first.
She rewarded me with that bewitching smile, that melted my heart.
What? Wait? Why?

But that didn’t matter, a gentleman she wanted not.
I started to notice her snicker as she passed me.
I started to notice her look the other way as she passed me, pretending she hadn’t seen me.
But that still was not enough to make me quit.
What? Wait? Why?

I keep thinking of her anyway, even though I know she does not like me.
It breaks my heart more each day.
What? Wait? Why?

This is the 21st century a woman never shall want a gentleman again.
Muscles the size of towers and a face of a super model is what’s needed.
Brains and manners need not apply.
What? Wait? Why?

Or perhaps today ‘Gentleman’ is just a nice way of saying ‘Ugly Creep’!

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

The Battle of the Few (poem 10)

(A poem for the 70th anniversary of The Battle of Britain)

Those Few flew over London’s sky by day and by night.
The great Few that always know the Empire would never lose.
They always knew they would return to England’s soil, be it above or below.
They who battled like legendary heroes not by land or sea but in the air like never before.
They who’s bravery and unselflessness stopped the Nazi war marchine in it’s tracks.
They who stopped the world being invaded and becoming slaves (or at least for a few more years).

They are the men who won the Battle of Britain.
They are the kind Few who should never ever be forgotten.

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

There was once a great man called… Buffalo Bill (Poem 9)

There was once a great American soldier
There was once a great Buffalo Hunter
There was once a great Sure-Shot
There was once a great Pony Express Rider
There was once a great Stagecoach Driver
There was once a great showman

How many great men is that?

It was but ONE!

A man of honor with a Medal of Honor
A man who saved his father’s life at the age of seven
A man of equality man, woman, black or white it made no matter to him.
A man who PUSHED for the rights of Indians and Women
A man who founded the great Wyoming city of Cody
A man who almost single handly rewrote the world picture of the wild west
A man who’s news of his death received tributes from King George V of the United Kingdom, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, and President Woodrow Wilson.
A man who quickly became the first American superstar

A man loved by millions the world over, never to be forgotten even to this day.
His name was William Frederick Cody, better known across the world as Buffalo Bill Cody.

William F. Cody
26th February, 1846 – 10th January, 1917

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

I wake up to sleep again (Poem 8)

I sleep til one pm
I lay there eyes closed for twenty minutes
What will I see if I open them?
Nothing but the dull grey vortex that is my life

It’s the same old thing day after day.
So I turn back over and go to sleep.
That sweet sleep, the oblivion of living death

Life has no meaning, so I visit that oblivion of living death,
I sleep my life away, for I have no life to waste

Sleep Sleep Sleep
I sleep till one pm
I lay there eyes closed for twenty minutes
What will I see if I open them?
Nothing but the dull grey vortex that is my life

Sleep Sleep Sleep
Why be awake in that boredom, and depressing reality of failure.
Why not visit the sweet oblivion of living death
So I do.

I Sleep Sleep Sleep.

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

Our Mutual Friend, England! (poem 7)

We have a mutual old friend and She’s dying!
We have a very old friend and She’s slowly slipping away!
We have a dear old friend who was always here through thick and thin and She’s passing away!

Why is she dying you ask? Old Age?

She’s dying through neglect and abuse!
She’s decaying!
She’s got a rotten black heart from years of uncaring ill-treatment!

Who is she? you ask
Don’t you know yet?

Take a few paces outside, can you feel the ground under you?
Yes good!
Now breathe in deeply, feel the air in your lungs?
Do you have a personality?
I thought so!

Well that’s her!

She’s the ground beneath your feet!
She’s the air in your lungs!
She’s a part of your personality, she’s helped form who you are!

She’s England!
Just believe!

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

Dare We Remember? (poem 6)

Dare We Remember?
(Poem for Remembrance Day 2009)

The hundreds of thousands went to their deaths untimely, so we were to know the freedom and pride that they had.
They ask nothing in return, but that we stand up for those freedoms and feel their pride.
Instead we are told that pride in our nation is shameful and wrong, we watch as our nation’s flag lies on the ground for the fear of raising it may cause a stir.

They fought for the Land of Hope and Glory, just so that we could now sit uncaring, rapidly putrefying in the decay of our own making. What has happened to the days of flags waving, crowds cheering and the tears of love for Queen and Country? The Land of Hope and Glory was once a legend, now a myth.

Men and Woman of the British and Commonwealth armed forces you were and are the bravest, noblest and finest bunch the world could ever produce. Your memory will always linger with us few, who still wear our poppies on our breast with great pride. Us few that still can say “WE CARE”!

Copyright © 2009, William Cody Winter.

Elizabeth I: Our queen! (poem 5)

Elizabeth was the queen that was seen to be mean like her mad dad.
Elizabeth was in fact knowledgeable and agreeable, wearing great attire with desire.
Elizabeth was a graceful, grateful and faithful queen.
Elizabeth was clever never to wed or bed and instead misled men all over the world for her kingdom to have freedom.
Elizabeth was a great queen who also became a virgin warrior that died hundreds of yeas ago, she was never ever gotten or forgotten.

Copyright © 2008, William Cody Winter.

My England of old (poem 4)

England the grand land that was once vowed to be proud.
They proudly loudly sung with heart and soul 'God Save the Queen'.
But now content to be bland with no brand and to cower with out power to the E.U
Modern invaders intent on killing our national indenity and history, with full blessing of government.
Many of our great land wish for change but their finger lingers with no will of pride.
England where have you gone?

I shout out loud with all my being 'where Is my England of old?'.
Oh where where is my England of red and white, of King, Queens and princes alike.
Where are the days of the flag, cheers and the tears of love for queen and Country?
Oh England, What would the great englishman of past say to see you now?
Shakespeare, What say you? King Arthur, What say you? Elizabeth I, how about You?
People of England, just read a few simple history books to see what we once were, Can you truely say with all heart and spirit that you care not for the rich history of our land?
England where have you gone?

Copyright © 2007, William Cody Winter.

My Longing Love (poem 3)

I long to find my true beloved.
I long to hear the beating heart of a dear, sweet heart against my ear.
The beating treating of a fair ladys heart, in the cart that is her rib cage.
I long to look into her deep womanly eyes, the eyes that make my heart melt and mellow, for it is true the eyes are indeed the gateway into the angel within.
Her eyes fry my guises, for no secret can be kept from her.
I long for her arms around me, in an ever lasting embrace of our pure love.
I long for her company in my dull hours, as much as any man longs for a candle in the dark.

Copyright © 2007 William Cody Winter.

The loyal royal diamond wedding anniversary (poem 2)

(Written in honour of the diamond wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth II to HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh - 20th November 2007)

The Queen knew since the prince first burst into the gloom of the room,
that he was the one hun.

The wedding was heading from the start to be an everlasting casting.
The keen Queen was not green awaiting her wedding.

The genes of the Queen were already steady,
but with the prince's blood not dud, the loyal royal's throne's bone was not prone to groan.

It had it's ups and downs with crowns,
but what more could one expect with all there chores at the doors.

But sixty years on they're still not gone.
The Queen being the first monarch to celebrate their diamond cursory anniversary.

They always meant their content.
The kind of loyalty that it shows glows.
Thank the gods or dogs.

Copyright © 2007 William Cody Winter.

Love Glove (poem 1)

Here is an old poem I made in 2005.

Love Glove
I am devoid of love throwing down my glove,
and Walking out of the building talking to myself,
looking like an angry elf.
We had talked of it, being the end of it for many a time, which was quite a crime. If only we had not been quite so mad and sad.
For a silly reason in the hunting season, I'm walking away from reason, looking like a mason with out reason. Love shoves those, with weak hearts, with darts like tarts.
The darts are done with smarts. My heart harks with harps, just to get darts.
I have a pain in brain, because you're in my vein like a cane.
If only I had a white dove with new love gloves, I would not mock a lock, to protect with respect, my love glove.

William Cody Winter © 2005.