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Sequor quod iustum est

The Stealth Assassins (poem 27)

*This could be about demons, it could be about a plague or it could be about something else. You decide!*
The Stealth Assassins flow by like ghosts in the corner of the eye.
They move with the impunity of Saints, though they are anything but.
Their hatred and contempt for fellow man radiates from them like the brightness of the sun.
Their greatest weapons are their deceit and the ignorance of others.
They trick then corrupt those in high places, with the promise of gold and riches.
The Stealth Assassins spread like an unstopped plague from shore to shore, continent to continent and person to person.
They blacken hearts, enslave the innocent and kill those who try to stop them.
Their power is to make their victims forget their heritage and embrace the Assassins’ dark ways.
The Stealth Assassins murder human rights where they find them.
DON’T step into the Stealth Assassins’ shadow or you could be next!
Copyright © 2013, William Cody Winter.