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Sequor quod iustum est

Traitorous Traitors (poem 28)

Treason is committed by busy bees lurking in shadows on the left.
Treason is committed too when by those who spectate and postulate and do nothing.
Treason is most foul when those who should defend lifts tongue to only support others.
A Traitor turns their back on their nation’s history books.
A Traitor cares enough to defend other cultures, but not enough to theirs.
A Traitor turns a blind eye to the plight of their country and culture, but sheds a tear for a war fought in a far off land.
Traitorous Traitors betray their ancestors and the blood in their veins.
Traitorous Traitors deceive themselves in thinking their action will have no future consequences.
Traitorous Traitors are as bad as the enemy they defend.
Copyright © 2013, William Cody Winter.