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Britannia’s Brexit: A Bard's Tale

This was originally meant as a poem as the hash tag #WriteAPoemAboutBrexit on Twitter inspired me. However, it didn't really turn into one and ended up sounding more like an old bard's tale. So, that is what I've named it.
Brexit is a tale of inspiration, of hope, of love.
Brexit is also a cautionary tale.

There once was a great land of Britannia.
Her people were brave, noble and innovative.
Her people were great champions of democracy.

But then a group of rich bankers got together and set up an elitist boys club.
They disguised their fascist corporate run country club as a harmless single market for easy trading.

But from the shadows they waited patiently expanding their territory and evolving their club into a continent-wide government and super state.

They created an illusion of democracy by allowing those at the bottom to be elected while leaving those at the top of the food chain including its ‘four’ presidents to be appointed and unelected bringing George Orwell's warning of 1984 ever closer to reality.

They began to crush national identities and cultures especially that of Britannia to ensure there would be no resistance to the new world order, but many around Europe did resist being crushed under their jackbooted heel.

They began to quickly create a new fascist anti-semitic military mirroring that of Nazi Germany in the lead up to world war two. They try to deny it but only a fool can’t see that it’s true. For the Jews I do fear.

A stand for freedom came first from Greece asking for Grexit to shake off the shackles of the undemocratic tyranny of the elitists in their ivory towers. But their government like Britannia’s who get a lot of perks from the club said ‘Oh dear me, no’.

Then came the Britons who saw what was happening, they saw the club for what it was and what it had done to small businesses especially the poor British fishers and farmers. They were a noble people who stood up for what they believed in with chins held high.

The boys club and their local minions did not know what to do so they resulted to the only two tricks they had up their sleeves. First, they used fear and scaremongering. Isis supports a British exit. The economy will collapse, there will be world war three and all within a day, racists they cried! It’s only about immigration they lied.

The politicians and mainstream media diverted the left and said look here it’s only the far-right causing trouble here. If you’re not a fascist surely you must vote Remain.

They made it about racism to detract from the real issues, they called their opponents fascists, oh what hypocrites they were. But great Britons were brave they put up with the insults, bullying and harassment. They ignored the shouts of Racists, SCUM, Fascists and Skin Heads and stood firm proud and tall.

But the Britons did say, we prefer patriotism and love to fear and scaremongering and by 51.9% leave they did vote.  No one saw such a result coming, not the fascists in their ivory towers nor their minions in Westminster.

As you can see this has been a tale of Inspiration, hope and love. Inspiration and hope as it has shown that even an underdog can rear up and win when the cause is true, and love as love for one's country, culture and heritage was able to beat fear, scaremongering and fascism.

But it has also been one of caution. Because it has shown what untold damage can be done when we allow ourselves to be duped by the government and their media and we don’t have enough love and pride left for our country and the ancestors that died protecting it.

Take heed and be warned!

This quote sums up the EU well:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power

― Benito Mussolini