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It can’t be love, can it? (poem 11) | Poetry | William Cody Winter .Com

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Sequor quod iustum est

It can’t be love, can it? (poem 11)

It can’t be love, can it?

It was any other day, just keeping myself to myself.
There from afar she caught my eye in that packed room.
What? Wait? Why?

There must have been a dozen or two women there.
There had to be a reason for the captivation I felt.
What? Wait? Why?

I didn’t even know her, I had never seen her before in my life.
What purpose could there be for this needless enchanting?
What? Wait? Why?

From that moment on there she was.
Around every corner, through every doorway.
That made it oh so much worse.
What? Wait? Why?

I was the perfect gentleman that my heart told me to be.
I held open doors as she passed through.
I always let her pass through them first.
She rewarded me with that bewitching smile, that melted my heart.
What? Wait? Why?

But that didn’t matter, a gentleman she wanted not.
I started to notice her snicker as she passed me.
I started to notice her look the other way as she passed me, pretending she hadn’t seen me.
But that still was not enough to make me quit.
What? Wait? Why?

I keep thinking of her anyway, even though I know she does not like me.
It breaks my heart more each day.
What? Wait? Why?

This is the 21st century a woman never shall want a gentleman again.
Muscles the size of towers and a face of a super model is what’s needed.
Brains and manners need not apply.
What? Wait? Why?

Or perhaps today ‘Gentleman’ is just a nice way of saying ‘Ugly Creep’!

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.