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Love's Purple Rose (poem 29) | Poetry | William Cody Winter .Com

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Sequor quod iustum est

Love's Purple Rose (poem 29)

(Not one of my best, but its been a while)

Love’s purple rose can be caught by a gaze from a far.
Love’s purple rose is not earned through time spent.

A lingering smile, a heart that skips a beat.
A smile that holds in memory, that can be recalled at moments notice.

Love’s purple rose is not earned nor won, but given by nature and a souls desire.
Love’s purple rose cannot be found, forced nor hindered.

A knowing that is heart deep.
A knowing that radiates through the body and mind.

Love’s purple rose comes but once.
Love’s purple rose is destinies desire.

Wait for Love’s purple rose.

Copyright © 2015, William Cody Winter.