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Sequor quod iustum est

A Diamond Jubilee For A Diamond Queen (poem 26)

The very word Diamond means Unbreakable as is her loyalty. She never wavers nor cracks. She cares more by the day as others care less.
As others sell Britain to the highest bidder, she shows that we were once more than just a bit of soil. Once her people would have turned the soil red with their own blood to protect their nation, and she still would. Once her people loved their land, but now they have no notion of what a nation it formerly was.
She works like a slave, for little gratitude from the masses and even less from the government. She continues her duties at 86 that nobody even at 66 should. Just on an average day she attends meetings, investitures and opens countless red government boxes to sign, yet often by the public she is called lazy.
Now 2012 is a chance for us not just to take a day off work, but to stand by her as she has with us. Now 2012 is not the year of the London Olympics but the year of our Queen. Now more than ever is the time to cheer, wave and shout ‘Long Live The Queen’!
Copyright © 2012, William Cody Winter.

An Old World’s Captured Image (poem 20)

(A poem I wrote for the tenth anniversary of 9/11)

Thy old world’s beauty gone forever.
Captured at a moments notice by faceless bystanders.
A bygone world captured by a small shift of a hand and a click of a finger.

A still picture, a moving picture.
A camera, a camcorder.

All captured the horrors of the loss of innocence.
All captured the horrors of the loss of an old world.

A still picture, a moving picture.
A camera, a camcorder.

All captured the horrors of the start of an endless war.
All captured the horrors of the start of the fight for freedoms.

Glass, Steel and Flesh burnt.
Four giant birds of prey fall from the sky.

Within a few short hours thy sacred old world is lost.
Within a few short hours thy old world is turned to one of terror and dictation.

A still picture, a moving picture.
A camera, a camcorder.

All captured within a few hours the death of a civilised civilisation.

Copyright © 2011, William Cody Winter.

The Battle of the Few (poem 10)

(A poem for the 70th anniversary of The Battle of Britain)

Those Few flew over London’s sky by day and by night.
The great Few that always know the Empire would never lose.
They always knew they would return to England’s soil, be it above or below.
They who battled like legendary heroes not by land or sea but in the air like never before.
They who’s bravery and unselflessness stopped the Nazi war marchine in it’s tracks.
They who stopped the world being invaded and becoming slaves (or at least for a few more years).

They are the men who won the Battle of Britain.
They are the kind Few who should never ever be forgotten.

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

The loyal royal diamond wedding anniversary (poem 2)

(Written in honour of the diamond wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth II to HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh - 20th November 2007)

The Queen knew since the prince first burst into the gloom of the room,
that he was the one hun.

The wedding was heading from the start to be an everlasting casting.
The keen Queen was not green awaiting her wedding.

The genes of the Queen were already steady,
but with the prince's blood not dud, the loyal royal's throne's bone was not prone to groan.

It had it's ups and downs with crowns,
but what more could one expect with all there chores at the doors.

But sixty years on they're still not gone.
The Queen being the first monarch to celebrate their diamond cursory anniversary.

They always meant their content.
The kind of loyalty that it shows glows.
Thank the gods or dogs.

Copyright © 2007 William Cody Winter.