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Sequor quod iustum est

There was once a great man called… Buffalo Bill (Poem 9)

There was once a great American soldier
There was once a great Buffalo Hunter
There was once a great Sure-Shot
There was once a great Pony Express Rider
There was once a great Stagecoach Driver
There was once a great showman

How many great men is that?

It was but ONE!

A man of honor with a Medal of Honor
A man who saved his father’s life at the age of seven
A man of equality man, woman, black or white it made no matter to him.
A man who PUSHED for the rights of Indians and Women
A man who founded the great Wyoming city of Cody
A man who almost single handly rewrote the world picture of the wild west
A man who’s news of his death received tributes from King George V of the United Kingdom, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, and President Woodrow Wilson.
A man who quickly became the first American superstar

A man loved by millions the world over, never to be forgotten even to this day.
His name was William Frederick Cody, better known across the world as Buffalo Bill Cody.

William F. Cody
26th February, 1846 – 10th January, 1917

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