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Sequor quod iustum est

Traitorous Traitors (poem 28)

Treason is committed by busy bees lurking in shadows on the left.
Treason is committed too when by those who spectate and postulate and do nothing.
Treason is most foul when those who should defend lifts tongue to only support others.
A Traitor turns their back on their nation’s history books.
A Traitor cares enough to defend other cultures, but not enough to theirs.
A Traitor turns a blind eye to the plight of their country and culture, but sheds a tear for a war fought in a far off land.
Traitorous Traitors betray their ancestors and the blood in their veins.
Traitorous Traitors deceive themselves in thinking their action will have no future consequences.
Traitorous Traitors are as bad as the enemy they defend.
Copyright © 2013, William Cody Winter.

A Diamond Jubilee For A Diamond Queen (poem 26)

The very word Diamond means Unbreakable as is her loyalty. She never wavers nor cracks. She cares more by the day as others care less.
As others sell Britain to the highest bidder, she shows that we were once more than just a bit of soil. Once her people would have turned the soil red with their own blood to protect their nation, and she still would. Once her people loved their land, but now they have no notion of what a nation it formerly was.
She works like a slave, for little gratitude from the masses and even less from the government. She continues her duties at 86 that nobody even at 66 should. Just on an average day she attends meetings, investitures and opens countless red government boxes to sign, yet often by the public she is called lazy.
Now 2012 is a chance for us not just to take a day off work, but to stand by her as she has with us. Now 2012 is not the year of the London Olympics but the year of our Queen. Now more than ever is the time to cheer, wave and shout ‘Long Live The Queen’!
Copyright © 2012, William Cody Winter.

For Shame, For Shame (poem 23)

The Trumpets sounded, the flags waved.
The Men and Women said I care.
They died in the heat of the Crimea.
They died in the damp of the World War One trenches.
Now you don’'t buy poppies.
Now you burn the poppies in the streets.
For shame, for shame
They died on the British Isles.
They died on foreign lands, far away from home.
They return now to empty streets or vial protests.
They return to the media that spits like venom, it’s just a job like any other, there are no heroes.
They jumped to certain death, when you said jump.
When you say jump they say how high?, not ‘I’'d rather sit on my ass and watch some more TV’ like you and I.
For shame, for shame
You think you can say that soldiers, sailors and pilots are not heroes, I say get away from that comfortable seat and go die for your nation, then tell me again there are no heroes!
Copyright © 2011, William Cody Winter.

A Sunset Over History (poem 21)

A history like none other.
A history of pride and glory.
A history of Kings, Queens and Knights in shining armour.

A history of being conquered and conquering.
A history of crusades and crusaders.
A history of fighting for rights and freedoms.

Now this history of pride is scowled upon.
Now the history books on school shelves sit gathering dust.
Now the unappreciated freedoms of yesterday are killed by the day.

A history of a sun never setting on an empire.
A history of an island nation that conquered the world.
A history of nobility and great intellect.

Now the sun has set over the empire.
Now the sun has set over talks of its history.
Now the sun has set over it’s neglected people.

Now the sun can never rise again!

Copyright © 2011, William Cody Winter.

The Battle of the Few (poem 10)

(A poem for the 70th anniversary of The Battle of Britain)

Those Few flew over London’s sky by day and by night.
The great Few that always know the Empire would never lose.
They always knew they would return to England’s soil, be it above or below.
They who battled like legendary heroes not by land or sea but in the air like never before.
They who’s bravery and unselflessness stopped the Nazi war marchine in it’s tracks.
They who stopped the world being invaded and becoming slaves (or at least for a few more years).

They are the men who won the Battle of Britain.
They are the kind Few who should never ever be forgotten.

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

Our Mutual Friend, England! (poem 7)

We have a mutual old friend and She’s dying!
We have a very old friend and She’s slowly slipping away!
We have a dear old friend who was always here through thick and thin and She’s passing away!

Why is she dying you ask? Old Age?

She’s dying through neglect and abuse!
She’s decaying!
She’s got a rotten black heart from years of uncaring ill-treatment!

Who is she? you ask
Don’t you know yet?

Take a few paces outside, can you feel the ground under you?
Yes good!
Now breathe in deeply, feel the air in your lungs?
Do you have a personality?
I thought so!

Well that’s her!

She’s the ground beneath your feet!
She’s the air in your lungs!
She’s a part of your personality, she’s helped form who you are!

She’s England!
Just believe!

Copyright © 2010, William Cody Winter.

Dare We Remember? (poem 6)

Dare We Remember?
(Poem for Remembrance Day 2009)

The hundreds of thousands went to their deaths untimely, so we were to know the freedom and pride that they had.
They ask nothing in return, but that we stand up for those freedoms and feel their pride.
Instead we are told that pride in our nation is shameful and wrong, we watch as our nation’s flag lies on the ground for the fear of raising it may cause a stir.

They fought for the Land of Hope and Glory, just so that we could now sit uncaring, rapidly putrefying in the decay of our own making. What has happened to the days of flags waving, crowds cheering and the tears of love for Queen and Country? The Land of Hope and Glory was once a legend, now a myth.

Men and Woman of the British and Commonwealth armed forces you were and are the bravest, noblest and finest bunch the world could ever produce. Your memory will always linger with us few, who still wear our poppies on our breast with great pride. Us few that still can say “WE CARE”!

Copyright © 2009, William Cody Winter.

My England of old (poem 4)

England the grand land that was once vowed to be proud.
They proudly loudly sung with heart and soul 'God Save the Queen'.
But now content to be bland with no brand and to cower with out power to the E.U
Modern invaders intent on killing our national indenity and history, with full blessing of government.
Many of our great land wish for change but their finger lingers with no will of pride.
England where have you gone?

I shout out loud with all my being 'where Is my England of old?'.
Oh where where is my England of red and white, of King, Queens and princes alike.
Where are the days of the flag, cheers and the tears of love for queen and Country?
Oh England, What would the great englishman of past say to see you now?
Shakespeare, What say you? King Arthur, What say you? Elizabeth I, how about You?
People of England, just read a few simple history books to see what we once were, Can you truely say with all heart and spirit that you care not for the rich history of our land?
England where have you gone?

Copyright © 2007, William Cody Winter.