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Sequor quod iustum est

Dare We Remember? (poem 6)

Dare We Remember?
(Poem for Remembrance Day 2009)

The hundreds of thousands went to their deaths untimely, so we were to know the freedom and pride that they had.
They ask nothing in return, but that we stand up for those freedoms and feel their pride.
Instead we are told that pride in our nation is shameful and wrong, we watch as our nation’s flag lies on the ground for the fear of raising it may cause a stir.

They fought for the Land of Hope and Glory, just so that we could now sit uncaring, rapidly putrefying in the decay of our own making. What has happened to the days of flags waving, crowds cheering and the tears of love for Queen and Country? The Land of Hope and Glory was once a legend, now a myth.

Men and Woman of the British and Commonwealth armed forces you were and are the bravest, noblest and finest bunch the world could ever produce. Your memory will always linger with us few, who still wear our poppies on our breast with great pride. Us few that still can say “WE CARE”!

Copyright © 2009, William Cody Winter.