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Sequor quod iustum est

For Shame, For Shame (poem 23)

The Trumpets sounded, the flags waved.
The Men and Women said I care.
They died in the heat of the Crimea.
They died in the damp of the World War One trenches.
Now you don’'t buy poppies.
Now you burn the poppies in the streets.
For shame, for shame
They died on the British Isles.
They died on foreign lands, far away from home.
They return now to empty streets or vial protests.
They return to the media that spits like venom, it’s just a job like any other, there are no heroes.
They jumped to certain death, when you said jump.
When you say jump they say how high?, not ‘I’'d rather sit on my ass and watch some more TV’ like you and I.
For shame, for shame
You think you can say that soldiers, sailors and pilots are not heroes, I say get away from that comfortable seat and go die for your nation, then tell me again there are no heroes!
Copyright © 2011, William Cody Winter.