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Sequor quod iustum est

Love's Purple Rose (poem 29)

(Not one of my best, but its been a while)

Love’s purple rose can be caught by a gaze from a far.
Love’s purple rose is not earned through time spent.

A lingering smile, a heart that skips a beat.
A smile that holds in memory, that can be recalled at moments notice.

Love’s purple rose is not earned nor won, but given by nature and a souls desire.
Love’s purple rose cannot be found, forced nor hindered.

A knowing that is heart deep.
A knowing that radiates through the body and mind.

Love’s purple rose comes but once.
Love’s purple rose is destinies desire.

Wait for Love’s purple rose.

Copyright © 2015, William Cody Winter.

My Longing Love (poem 3)

I long to find my true beloved.
I long to hear the beating heart of a dear, sweet heart against my ear.
The beating treating of a fair ladys heart, in the cart that is her rib cage.
I long to look into her deep womanly eyes, the eyes that make my heart melt and mellow, for it is true the eyes are indeed the gateway into the angel within.
Her eyes fry my guises, for no secret can be kept from her.
I long for her arms around me, in an ever lasting embrace of our pure love.
I long for her company in my dull hours, as much as any man longs for a candle in the dark.

Copyright © 2007 William Cody Winter.