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Sequor quod iustum est

The Black Cloud (poem 16)

I woke up this morning and laid there.
I kept my eyes shut, contemplating on my life.
I felt like my life was flashing in front of me.
I only saw the bad times and never the good.
I finally decided to open my eyes, but only physically.
There hovering above me was a big black cloud.
There was a huge weight on my shoulders and I struggled to breath.
I leaped out of bed, threw on my clothes and charged out the door.
I walked and walked, it was all I could do.
I looked behind me just to see the cloud following me.
I felt alone and trapped.
I then realised I was in a forrest surrounded by large oak trees.
How did I get here?
Then I saw it just a few feet away, a beautiful large pond.
I removed my clothes and leaped in head first.
The water was ice cold, but refreshing.
I was still underneath the water when it happened again, my life
flashed before me.
This time it was different, I saw the good times.
I saw the birthdays, the christmases and the laughter.
I saw a future of happiness, laughter and smiles.
I felt the universe shift and the sun shone brightly above the oak trees,
the black cloud evaporated as if by itÂ’s rays.
I sprung from the water reborn, new of heart, new of mind.
Copyright © 2011, William Cody Winter.