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Sequor quod iustum est

To Sacrifice Love (poem 31)

When you meet someone for the first time that your soul wants, your heart yearns, sinks and is forever consumed, as if it has sunken into a deep marsh and is no longer that of your own.
Your mind whirls back and forth from reality to fantasies of a life filled with their warm smile.
Your dreams are flowing with roses, heart shapes, churches and wedding bells.

You worry every time you meet them it may be the last time you see them and nothing else could scare you more.
You worry they will not like you.
You worry they will not look past your flaws.

Now all you desire and need from life is for them to look deep into you and see the real you, not the confident facade you try to put on. For that is just a mask that you think people want to see.
You hope and pray they see past your flawed outer appearance, past material things such jobs and money.

You don’t see their flaws, to you they are a flawless angel with a smile on a face that melts your heart and makes you dizzy every time you see them.
For you, they make every plain day as perfect as a hot summer’s day at the beach. Your very soul burns as they pass by you like the sun upon your skin. Their voice is as refreshing as an ice cream on that day summer’s day.

You don’t ask for marriage, you don’t ask for them to be your prisoner. All you ask is for a single fair chance. A coffee or a lunch together in a dimly lit cafe. A chance for them to judge the real you. That is all you need. They may not want to go further than that, but you would feel fulfilled and grateful having been given that opportunity.

You find yourself looking up at the moon at night, wondering if they are doing the same.
If you get ill you find yourself worrying more if they have it and if they are alright than worrying about yourself.
You pray their heart will synchronise with yours, a beat met with a beat.

After months of hope when you find out they don’t want you and have found someone else at first your heart numbs and dies.
Your heart bleeds a thousand tiny red tears. Your stomach is always full. Your mind tires and just want to escape to a world of sleep.

But then your heart starts to fill up and warm.
You feel happy again and they you realise what your soul already felt before you did.

They are happy and they have what they want.
They have what their heart and soul needs.

You realise that you are willing to sacrifice your happiness for them and it feels good.
You are happy that they are happy.

Copyright © 2017, William Cody Winter.