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Sequor quod iustum est

Britannia’s Brexit: A Bard's Tale

This was originally meant as a poem as the hash tag #WriteAPoemAboutBrexit on Twitter inspired me. However, it didn't really turn into one and ended up sounding more like an old bard's tale. So, that is what I've named it. Read Moreā€¦

Some Find Love (poem 30)

Some find love in high school.
Some find love in college.
Some find love in university.
Some find love.

I don’t want to die alone.
I don’t want to die without knowing love.

Some find love at their place of work.
Some find love at their favourite coffee shop.
Some find love.

I don’t want to die not knowing the feeling of two hearts beating as one.
I don’t want to die not knowing the feeling of the warmth of a loving embrace.
I don’t want to die not knowing the feeling of happiness as I stand in that little white church.

Some find love in the most unlikely places, let me be one of them.
Some find love.

Copyright © 2015, William Cody Winter.

Love's Purple Rose (poem 29)

(Not one of my best, but its been a while)

Love’s purple rose can be caught by a gaze from a far.
Love’s purple rose is not earned through time spent.

A lingering smile, a heart that skips a beat.
A smile that holds in memory, that can be recalled at moments notice.

Love’s purple rose is not earned nor won, but given by nature and a souls desire.
Love’s purple rose cannot be found, forced nor hindered.

A knowing that is heart deep.
A knowing that radiates through the body and mind.

Love’s purple rose comes but once.
Love’s purple rose is destinies desire.

Wait for Love’s purple rose.

Copyright © 2015, William Cody Winter.

Traitorous Traitors (poem 28)

Treason is committed by busy bees lurking in shadows on the left.
Treason is committed too when by those who spectate and postulate and do nothing.
Treason is most foul when those who should defend lifts tongue to only support others.
A Traitor turns their back on their nation’s history books.
A Traitor cares enough to defend other cultures, but not enough to theirs.
A Traitor turns a blind eye to the plight of their country and culture, but sheds a tear for a war fought in a far off land.
Traitorous Traitors betray their ancestors and the blood in their veins.
Traitorous Traitors deceive themselves in thinking their action will have no future consequences.
Traitorous Traitors are as bad as the enemy they defend.
Copyright © 2013, William Cody Winter.

The Stealth Assassins (poem 27)

*This could be about demons, it could be about a plague or it could be about something else. You decide!*
The Stealth Assassins flow by like ghosts in the corner of the eye.
They move with the impunity of Saints, though they are anything but.
Their hatred and contempt for fellow man radiates from them like the brightness of the sun.
Their greatest weapons are their deceit and the ignorance of others.
They trick then corrupt those in high places, with the promise of gold and riches.
The Stealth Assassins spread like an unstopped plague from shore to shore, continent to continent and person to person.
They blacken hearts, enslave the innocent and kill those who try to stop them.
Their power is to make their victims forget their heritage and embrace the Assassins’ dark ways.
The Stealth Assassins murder human rights where they find them.
DON’T step into the Stealth Assassins’ shadow or you could be next!
Copyright © 2013, William Cody Winter.