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Stuff I've Said

Sequor quod iustum est

I feel money has always been a strong motivational force in my life, however having said that I am a man of strong morals and convictions and so there are somethings I believe in so strongly that there is no amount money in the world that could buy my change of mind.
Chivalrous deeds such as holding a door open for a lady, are now considered sexist. I do it, not to be condescending, but because I believe it is polite and the right thing to do. So no matter what you call me I’ll continue to do it.
I am a Hopeless Romantic or a Hapless one, I'm not sure which.
I've taken many steps in life, but never leaped!
Sometimes I think I was born for greatness but took a wrong turn somewhere. Oh well, all I can do now is try to live.
What will be, will be and what will not, will not nor should it.
I don’t care if something is universally popular or not, I’ll always follow what I believe is right. Sequor ego quod iustum est.
As pathetic as it may sound, even as a teenager I dreamed of one day finding my true love and marrying her. But as I near thirty I start to wonder if I was wrong all this time, does love not exist?
Live now for once you take your last breath it’s too late.
Love and Companionship is something that happens to other people
You never know if something would have work out or not, unless you tried it.
Modern Britain is a disgrace and the Monarchy is all that remains that is neither rotten nor decayed.
I love my country, and its history. Many of my ancestors died to protect her, and I hope in her darkest hour of need I will not be found wanting!
In this ME ME ME day and age it is up to us few eccentric fools to stand our ground and stand up for what we believe to be right, honourable and decent, because few others will.
I stare into the future and all I see down the road is a broken bridge.
Self Loathing is just the deep down knowledge of one’s true self, it’s the truth others will not tell us.
These days it is easy to tell if a person is intelligent, just ask them if they like to read books or not. Few people do these days.
At the end of the day, is any woman truly worth such heartache?
I keep finding myself wanting to see only the best in people, but before long human nature shows her hand and I find myself disappointed.
I don’t believe in religions. I don’t believe any of them have it right, but I do believe in a soul/spirit and some kind of afterlife. Which makes living in this tough world much harder than if I were an atheist.
Shakespeare once said that we are all actors on life’s stage, then why did I pick such a bad character to play? When I die I really must have a word with my agent.
I awake each morning with the urge to do one of two things. 1. Seek to better the world. 2. Seek to destroy the world. In the end I normally choose a compromise, to do neither, as both are impossible tasks.
I see they're making a new version of Beauty and the Beast, but in real life does the beast ever really get the beauty?
Most people would be happy with a brainless idiot as long as they are good looking. Most people don’t want someone who maybe ugly but have a unique personality.
Horoscopes and Positive Thinking are a poor man’s delusion.
Today people treat ‘Love’, as just an instrument of foreplay, but it has always been so much more.
How can you love someone at first sight? That surely must be ‘Lust at first sight’! Of course there is no such thing as ‘Love at first sight’.
This country has been a christian country for over a 1000 years and why should that change now just because the bleeding-hearted left wing say that Christian is a dirty word, and to say it isn't a christian country is an insult to people's ancestors who fought and died for this nation. The people that are so pro everything but our "native culture" are not doing it because they're so modern, they are doing it because they are scared. I am not religious, but I do come from a nation with a christian culture, and therefore consider myself to be a Christian. Why must we tolerant of all religions, except Christianity?
Many people will disagree with or even hate me for saying this, however I support the concept of an absolute hereditary monarchy. As never has our nation been as great as when the monarch has limited the power of Parliament. Never has The British Monarchy been as uncaring, corrupt or traitorous as Parliment has always been.
The Monarchy made Britain what it once was and Parliament has made it what it is today!
Democracy is a lovely romantic ideal, but few if any Parliaments have ever been held that are not uncaring, corrupt or even traitorous.
If only one thing is said of me after I'm gone, let it be that I never gave into the Left-wing and their PC police, and unwaveringly defended our ancient culture to the end.
We English were once a proud people who considered ourselves right and stood up for what we truly believed in, even if sometimes it was out of pure stubbornness. Now we have lost our backbone and consider ourselves wrong and others always right.
I was told today that if I wanted the person I like to go-out with me, I would "have to lose a few pounds first”. Sounds cruel, but it is true.
If you want to get rid of someone, the sure way is to ignore them, nothing gets a persons back-up quite like it. It’s a sure way to make them hate you.
I don’t believe caring for History and Cultural Heritage is immoral. I can’t allow myself to believe that all our ancestors did and fought for was for nothing.
Don’t be ashamed for your English heritage, remember there was a Britain before 1997.
The only thing I truly fear is dying and leaving behind a life unfulfilled.
I like to consider myself an ambassador for Britain’s past.
People say "Should Britain become a communist country?", well I guess they have already forgottten the years 1997-2010.
Racist and Fascist two words used indiscriminately now to silence all Freedom of Speech and to belittle anyone who doesn't belong to the far left!
Patriot (Old Viewpoint): Someone who is devoted to one's own country and has concern for its defence. Patriot (New Viewpoint): An extreme racist or fascist, someone who is worse than a terrorist. I happen to subscribe to the old viewpoint!
Patriotism is NOT Racism or Fascism!
I believe in a one culture nation. Something we were up until the 21st century, I do not subscribe to the Multicultural fad, and what is so wrong in that?
I swear within my lifetime there will be a Civil War in the UK, and the government and the far left will have brought it upon themselves!